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is climate cjange a problem ?

Climate change
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600 million yeras of earth surface temperature

600 million years of earth temperature

The blue line in the picture above shows that the average surface temperature on earth fluctuates already for 600 million years between 12 and 22 degrees Celcius (53,6 and 71,6 degrees Fahrenheit). The time scale (in millions of years) in the graph suggests that the average earth surface temperature is now 12 degrees Celcius, but in fact it is now 15 degrees Celcius (59 degrees Fahrenheit).

Ice age cycli: the last 400,000 years.

aarde-nu-boven de noordpool
Changes in the earth teperature during the last 400.000 year.
(left is the present and right 400.000 years ago).

(source: http://www.exploratorium.edu/climate/cryosphere/data2.html)

The website "Is Canada Ready" writes the following about the temerature cycles displayed above:

"The earth has a natural warming and cooling cycle that lasts just over 100 thousand years. The cycle goes from virtually no ice in the arctic, to substantial buildup of ice in the arctic. The melting of the northern polar ice cap is the main driver of this cycle. The complete melting of the polar ice cap is what triggers the next round of cooling. The natural flow of the Atlantic Ocean is what sustains the warming and cooling cycles. Once it is significantly melted, weather patterns irreversible change and a new glacial period begins. Earth has been in an inter-glacial period (warming period) for over 10 thousand years now. Most of the ice shield over North America and Europe has already melted except for Greenland. The oceans have already risen an estimated 120 meters and would rise another 6.5 meters if most of the ice on Greenland melts (as it did in the last interglacial period). How long before all of the Greenland ice melts and sea levels rise another 6 meters? 500 years? 200 years? What will happen after it melts? Will the Atlantic ocean current reverse causing considerably cooler temperatures for a long time in places like Northern Europe, Toronto and New York? There exists a clear record of what has happened in the past. Will it happen again? We need to know."

global warming: truth or dare ?

Global Warming: Truth or Dare?

The many "climate gate affairs" have raised doubts about the validity of claims that the earth is warming up, especially now it has appeared that some climate scientists have falsified their temperature data: not only by turning a temperature decline (measured by proxy measures such as tree rings) in the last decade into a temperature rise, but also doing the same for a long period earlier in history, thus erasing the medieval warm period and the later 'Maunder minimum", a cool period, thus coming up with the infamous hocky stick graph that describes that the earth's temperature is unusually high these days in view of the latest 2000 years. View the funny videos "Hide the decline" I and II and the scientific explanation of the data falsifications in this video. Hiding the decline pertained to tree ring data, so called proxy data for temperature, which declined in the last decennia, when actual temperature measurements went up. This divergence "had to be hidden" as it leads to the conclusion that all earlier proxy data for temperature (tree rings, ice cores etc. "measuring" temperature from 1080 - 1880) are of no value and the hocky stick graph not valid.   climate science


climate change proof
So called "proxy measures" of global warming, such as tree rings or laundry lines are not necessarily valid.

How rotten the relatively small group of ca. 40 "climate scientists" has become in their attempts to fool the world by falsifying data, controlling the scientific press and the IPCC is clearly explained in another video by Dr. Tim Ball

Hide the decline 1
Hide the decline 2

Hide the decline: technically explained

video by Dr. Tim Ball on the climate scientists and how they try to control and manipulate climate science.


 History and Climate: book by P. D. Jones / A. E. J. Ogilvie / T. D. Davies / K. R. Briffa   History and Climate: memories of the future ?

P. D. Jones / A. E. J. Ogilie / T. D. Davies / K.R. Brifa,

Kluwer Academic Pub, 2001

ISBN-10:   0306465892
ISBN-13:   9780306465895

Most studies of the impacts of climate change consider impacts in the future from anthropogenic climate change. Very few consider what the impacts of past climate change have been. History and Climate: Memories of the Future? contains 13 interdisciplinary chapters which consider impacts of change in different regions of the world, over the last millennium. Initial chapters assess evidence for the changes, while later chapters consider the impacts on agriculture, fisheries, health, and society. The book will be of interest to anyone working in the field of climate change and history.

Positive and negative effects of global warming
Global warming is supposed to have many negative effects as is stipulated by the IPCC. We hear and read much less in the media about positive effects.

Statue of Liberty after Global Warming

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