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The longest rivers in the world are:
Nile: 6.825 km
Amazone: 6.437 km
Chang Jiang: 6.380 km
Mississippi: 5.971 km
Yenisey-Angara: 5.536 km
(source: "Weetjes over de aarde", d.d. January 4th -2009).

Nile (Egypt; 6.825 km long)
The river delta of the Nile is descending, what increasess the danger of floods (source: FD, Sept. 22nd, 2009).

Nijl luchtfoto overdag Left and right one can see the river Nile streaming through the Egyptian desert (click on photo's for enlargements). Only a small strip along the river is overgrown and inhabited (as one can see from the lights on the night photo), as well as the wide Nile delta, streaming into the Mediterranean See.
Source: Space Photo: NASA, Astronaut Wheelock, 1910

River water can become a cause for war when countries upstream use too much water and counties downstream consequently receive too little.

river dams may cause wars

you are here : index of content - rivers
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