Petronella J. Ytsma

Treuren: the installation

The exhibition Treuren is an installation of 85 gelatin silver prints and 2 Piezography prints.  Treuren references the steadfast tear, that place in one’s soul where sorrow alights and takes up residence.

 Surrounding four droplets of water floating in space (the Piezography prints) are multiple hands,  photographed against a deep black, floating in space and hung away from the wall, away from ‘steun’, or solidity and that which is known.  I have lifted hands out of their environments and photographed them in a studio setting using large format camera.  In the exhibition, the ‘frame’is created by blow-torching the edges of the prints to emphasize the sense of vulnerability and metaphorically ’destroying’ the image.

click here in order to view the installation (pdf-file)

This exhibition is available and more detailed information can be obtained by contacting the artist.

You can reach Petronella Ytsma by telephone: +1 651.227.7100 or by Email: [email protected]
or contact in the Netherlands: Hugo van der Molen, tel: +31 (0)50-5348795; Email: [email protected]

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