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Graceful women / Gratieuse vrouwen
(update September 10th 2011)

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Kirchner post card gratious woman

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Demi Vierge, par Raphael Kirchner (1876-1917)

circulated in 1901; see back side (one corner is thin, but not affecting the picture at all)
print in gold and in relief: the gold rose in the hair is printed upon.

orderno.: Kirchner 1

price: €100,-

Kirchner: Demi Vierge picture post card


Art Nouveau / Jugendstil, E.S.W. Serie 113

Aankomststempel Brielle, 31 januari 1914

see back side: vouw in linker hoek;
plie in left lower corner and tear in the back sheet (not the front sheet) at the left border

orderno.: Jugendstil-1

Price: € 25

Manuel picture postcards of graceful woman

French real photo's (Carte Postale printed on the back) by Manuel;

In very good condition without defects; when held against the light the edges shine in a silver like manner.

orderno's from left to right: Manuel 1, 2 and 3

Price € 15 each or € 30 for the 3 together.

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