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USA companies issued in The Netherlands
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Literatuur / literature:

Cor Buseman (2013), Spiegelen van de Wereld - Nederlandse Certificaten van buitemnlandse aandelen. Een introductie in de achtergronden en kenmerken. (5 pagina's)

Associated Gas and Electric Company
Certificate for Ten Class A Stock, without nominal value, with coupon sheet, issued in Amsterdam, 1928, green / beige with orange imprinted seal, price: Euro 12.

Bethlehem Steel
Wilmington, Delaware; certificate of 10 ordinary shares, each of $8 nominally, issued in Amsterdam in 1978 (Text entirely in Dutch). Issued by de "NV maatschappij tot beheer van het administratiekantoor van Amerikaanse fondsen, opgericht door Broes en Gosman, Ten Have & Van Essen en Jarman & Zoonen" Amsterdam (a stock administration office); print by Joh. Enschede & Zonen, Haarlem; 25 by 18 cm., brown border, unfolded, but many wrinkles; hole cancellationsthrough original signatures; price 10 Euro.

Central Public Service Corporation,
certificate, 25 by 18 cm, + attached coupon sheet, of ten shares class A stock, without nominal value, orange / green decorative border, with orange printed seal, issued in Amsterdam, 1929, 50 Euro.
This company is a daughter of the Central Public Utility Corporation

Central Public Utility Corporation,
certificate for 10 shares class A stock
, without nominal value,25 by 18 cm, + coupon sheet, issued in Amsterdam, 1925 -1933, green decorative border, orange printed tax seal, 15 Euro
Established in 1932 under Delaware law as a result of the reorganization of her daughter company, the Central Public Service Corp. She gained control over this central Public Service Corp. and over the Consolidated Electric & Gas Company.

Fisk Rubber Company (The)
Established in 1898, but in 1931 put under "receivers". In 1933 the most exploitable part went up in The Fisk Rubber Corporation, the less exploitable part in the Fisk Realty Corporation. The Fisk rubber Corporation owned tire factories in Chicopee Falls (Mass.) and a canvas factory in New Bedford (Mass.) and tire depots in 31 towns in the USA. Its products were car and bicycle tyres and other rubber products. They started a production plant in Sweden in 1939. The Fisk Rubber Corp. was taken over in 1939 by the US Rubber Company. (Source: van Oss, 1954, p 67).
All certificates measure 26 bij 18,5 cm. and have a large printed orange tax seal  from Amsterdam, 3 original signatures, are printed by the famous Dutch printer Johan Enschedé in Haarlem; They have been issued in Amsterdam by the (NV)  Maatschappij tot beheer van het Administratiekantoor van Amerikaanse Fondsen, opgerigt door Broes en Gosman, ten Have en van Essen en Jarman en Zonen. (a famous Amsterdam  stock administration office).
----------- Certificaat van Tien Gewone Aandelen (Certificate of 10 ordinary shares), green border, conditiom VF: 2 light folds, price 25 €.
---------- Certificaat van $ 1000 7% cumulatief Eerste Preferente Aandelen (certificate of $ 1000 7% cumulative first preferred shares), condition VF, 2 light folds, price 25 €.

The Greyhound Corporation
Wilmington, Delaware, USA; certificaat voor 10 gewone aandelen à $ 1,50, uitgegeven door  de NV Administratiekantoor opgericht door Heldring & Pierson en Broekmans Effectenkantoor, Amsterdam 1964; druk: Joh. Enschede en zonen, Haarlem; English: Certificate for 10 ordinary shares of $ 1,50; issued in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) by  the administration office of Heldring & Pierson and Broekmans Stock Office; blue border on yellow, size: 30 by 20 cm; 6,5 cm by 2 cm drawing of a running Greyhound,  unfolded, but several clear wrinkles, see picture, price 45 Euro.

International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.
New York City, USA; Certificaat voor 10 gewone aandelen à 0,125  $ nominaal, Amsterdam, 1974; De aandelen zijn gedeponeerd  en de certificaten worden uitgegeven door Admin. Kantoor opgericht door Heldring & Pierson en Broekman Effectenkantoor; donkerblauwe sierrand; gatenontwaarding; geen coupons; 18,5 bij 28,5 cm; VF-: div. gladgestreken kreukels, 45 Euro.
English translation: Certificate for 10 ordinary shares of 0,125 $,  issued in Amsterdam at the Administration Office established by  Heldring & Pierson en Broekman Brokerage, where the original shares are deposited; dark blue decorative border; hole cancellation, no coupons; 18,5 by 28,5 cm size; VF-: several wrinkles; price 45 Euro.

Republic Steel Corporation
gevestigd te Youngstown, Ohio, USA,
uitgegeven dooor het Amsterdamsch administratiekantoor van Amerikaanse waarden (issued in Amsterdam)
red/black company logo, blue border:
certificaat van 10 gewone aandelen à $ 10 elk, (certificate of 10 ordinary shares of $ 10 each).
---------- 1960, with orange tax stamp, 12 Euro
---------- 1973, without orange tax stamp, without white circle with text, in left border 2 small tears and some wrinkles, 12 Euro.
----------  1976, with white circle and text "Vergoeding rubriek II voldaan", 12 Euro.
no company logo, blue border:
Certificaat van gewone aandelen zonder nominale waarde, uitgegeven in 1936 in Amsterdam door het Amsterdamsch Administratiekantoor van Amerikaansche Waarden, geen coupons; afm. 25 bij 17 cm., blauwe sierrand, oranje gedrukt bel. zegel; Drukkerij M.Lindebaum & Co., A'dam; VF, 1 horizontale vouw en div. nietjessporen; prijs 50 €.
English: certificate of 10 ordinary shares without par value, issued in 1936 in Amsterdam; condition VF: 1 horizontal fold and several staple traces, see picture; price 50 Euro.

St. Louis-San Francisco Raiway Co.
certificate of $ 1000 ordinary shares (= 10 ordinary shares of $ 100), issued in Amsterdam in 1929 by the Amsterdamsch Administratiekantoor van Amerikaanse Waarden (Amsterdam Administration Office of American Values), print: J.H. de Bussy, Amsterdam, size: 25 by 17 cm., blue decorative border, large printed orange tax seal, price 50 Euro.

See page on explanations, sales conditions, costs of shipping and on how to order and to pay.

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