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Female beauty: about breasts
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First Charter Financial Corp, California, 100 shares, blue, 1978,  price Euro 23
Vignette: bare breasted lady, 2 land houses and a hooded cart with trees; The IBSS Journal, nov 1997, p 11 comments that the woman's breasts are wrongly drawn. See picture

Playboy Enterprises, Inc.;
Beautifully engraved certificate, printed by the American Banknote Company with a vignette of the nude Miss February 1971, Willy Rey and the Playboy bunny logo. This item has the printed signature of the Company’s Chairman of the Board, Hugh Hefner. This certificate for 1 share was issued in 1976 to Hendrik Ory, Standaardmolen64 in Amsterdam. Condition EF, unfolded, price € 300. Order now !
The stock proved too popular for the company's good: so many people purchased one share and took delivery of the certificate that Playboy was spending a fortune sending out annual reports and dividend checks. They issued a more modest new certificate and did a reverse split to call all stocks back in (for two old Playboy shares you were given one new Playboy share; otherwise you got cashed out) . If you didn't send the stock, you lost your shares. The old piece of paper is still worth a lot more than the current live stock.

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click here for the Playboy centerfold of February 1971, depicting the nude Willy Rey. Comparison with the stock shows that, although this original centerfold is depicted on the stock, Willy Rey has been given more and longer hair on the stock, thus revealing less.

Ville de Paris
very decorative border with angels, a ship, twice the lady of justice, a working woman wit a hammer, the bare breasted goddess (sic !) Hermes (L: Mercurius) (ancient gods were very powerful and could easily change gender, as G. Haayer from Styx Publications pointed out to me), texts around pillars: "industry and commerce".
---------- emprunt municipal de 1892, obligation au porteur, Paris 1-8-1896, brown on yellow, price 23 Euro.
---------- emprunt municipal a lots 4% de 1931, obligation de 1000 Fr, Paris 10-1-1932, violet on yellow,price 18 Euro.


Yalom, Marilyn (1997), A History of the Breast, New York, Alfred A. Knopf
(Marilyn Yalom is teacher at the Institute for Women and Gender, Stanford Univesity, California, USA).

Nederlandse vertaling:
Yalom, Marilyn (1997), Geschiedenis van de Borst: Westerse beeldvorming door de eeuwen heen, Baarn: De Kern, ISBN 90-325-0567-x

The bared bosom in 17th and 18th century art

Development of the bra through the ages

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In 2011, during the 23rd Auktion für Historische Wertpapiere by Matthias Schmitt ([email protected]) 100 different stocks with beautiful women (NB: 5 Mb-file) were auctioned from the collection of Marc-Edouard Emay, who composed a 45 p. booklet (A4-size format) : "Geil....heit auf Aktien" with enlarged engravings and photo's of women depicted on the stocks. ISBN-10: 3-00-019135-4 or ISBN-13: 978-3-00-019315-6. This booklet costs ca. € 12 and may be ordered through Matthias Schmitt.

Geil....heit auf Aktien