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Female beauty: graceful women, Belgium and Congo

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L'Africaine, Banque d'Etudes et d'Entreprises Coloniales, SA, Bruxelles, established in 1898, Action de Capital de 100 Fr au porteur, Extraordinary beautiful Jugendstil design: in blue colour, graceful woman standing on globe, waving Belgian flag, god Mercury of the trade as a young black man, elephant teeth lying around, landscape and sea. VF/EF, no folds, few wrinkles, a beauty to frame !, price 98 Euro.

Compagnie des Installations Maritimes de Bruges, Action privilegie de 500 Fr au porteur (= preferred share to bearer), Bruges 1904, multicolored / veelkleurig, # = 9000.
The tiny shield above the bear can be blue or brown. Brown shields I have seen on series beginning with 1000, 2000, 4000, 5000 and 6000; blue shields on series beginning with 7000 and 8000. Therefore I presume that the colour of the shield changed from brown to blue at a number near 7000, making the shares with blue shields the rarer type of the two.
According to the text on the shares, another 9000 ordinary shares must also have been issued, but I have never come across one of those.
----- Uncancalled, but with approprite signatures, brown shield above the bear, condition UNC and impeccable, complete coupon sheet still attached, 295 Euro
-----  same as above, blue shield, but some minor and superficial wrinkles at outer edge, 250 Euro
-----  same as above, but brown shield, but some minor and superficial wrinkles at outer edge, 250 Euro
----- Hole cancelled (only through signatures), blue shield above the bear, EF, complete coupon sheet still attached, 204 Euro
----- same as above, blue shield, EF, complete coupon sheet, few wrinkles in left lower corner, upper border less clean, 159 Euro.
Have a look at one of the most beautiful stocks in the world !,  It depicts an elegant lady (figure-head) holding a light torch, a bird's eye view of the inland port of Bruges, and 3 sights of the city of Bruges:
left: The old harbour = The Minerva Water (het Minerva water) with defence tower ""de Poermolen"
right: Basilica of the Holy Blood (Basiliek van het Heilige Bloed)
middle: The Peerdenbrug (Horse bridge; in front) and the Meebrug (in the back).
Bruges was a port in the Middle Ages, but the Gulf of  Zwijn, giving it access to the sea, silted up and cut it off from the sea.
The company was founded in 1895, with the approval of the Government of Flanders and the city of Bruges, to construct the port installations of Heyst-sur-Mer (today - Zeebrugge) and the inland port of Bruges. It was also required to build a canal, to link the two towns. This Baldwin Canal (Boudewijn kanaal), first planned in 1545, was dug from 1895 to 1907. It was 10 km long, 70m wide and 8m deep. It ran in a straight line across the Flanders plain. The new harbour was inaugurated by King Leopold on July 23rd 1907. The company's concession also gave the right to operate the port installations for a period of 75 years. At the expiry of this period, the term was extended, and the operating company still exists today.
Bruges is nowadays one of the most beautiful and  excellently preserved historic cities in Europe.
Sources: Braun, H. (1996a) and several guide to Bruges.

----- Compagnie des Installations Maritimes de Bruges, 4,5 % obligation de 500 Fr, 1909, # = 6000, only 2 colors; blue and brown but further the same beautiful design as the multicolored one above, some stains in upper border (not or hardly visible when framed), price f 195 = 89 Euro.
This obligation is rarer, in terms of numbers issued, than the more colourful share.

Compagnie Générale Coloniale pour le Développement du Commerce & de l'Industrie au Congo, S.A.
Constituée en 1898; Siège Social: Bruxelles;  capital Social 7.500.000 Francs, augmenté en 1899 à 1.500.000.
Size: 32 by 42 cm; 4 vignettes, see 100 kb. picture: 1) freigh train in mountain (9 by 3,5 cm), ship in port (9 by 3,5 cm), local harbour with steam-sail ship and many local  proahs (14 by 7 cm), 2 elegant women, one western and one African, with 2 coats of arms, before a western and an African harbour (23 by 6,5 cm);Lith.: de la Cote Libre; design: Ch. Posch;
----------, 1898, blue border, Part de Fondateur au porteur; condition F: several folds (somewhat irregular and less clean), border wrinkles, minor stains and 3 cm tear in lower border, but still suitable for framing and displaying, 50 Euro.
----------, brown border, Action de Capital au porteur, condition VF: several folds and a faint stain, but a beauty to frame !, 125 Euro.

Dette Publique de Belgique
Rente 35, 2e Serie, Obligation au porteur de 1000 francs, 1925
Beautiful blue border with 10 vignettes, 8 times a woman representing Limbourg. Liege, Namur, Flandre Occidentale, Anvers, Hinault, Luxembourg et Flandre Orientale, + lion of Belgium and chariot with four horses; 2 blue seals of Belgium, one Dutch orange tax stamp; design: Jean Malvaux Soc. A. / Privat.del; print: E. Glyot, Bruxelles, VF, not cancelled, no coupons, according to GET catalogue. never auctioned, 95 Euro

Trust Colonial, S.A.
Bruxelles 1899, Large illustrations of 2 elegant ladies, Mercurius attributes, world map and Jugendstil border decoration. Nice to frame.
---------- Action de Capital, red design and text, VF/EF: 35 Euro; VF 25 Euro
---------- Action de Dividende, blue design and text, VF, 35 Euro

Belgian Congo
L'Ikelemba SA, established 29-10-1898, Action de dividende, issued 1898, siege social: Congo Belge; siege administratif: Bruxelles, Capital Social 500.000 Fr., didvided in 5000 actions de capital de 100 Fr and 5000 actions de dividende (with similar certificate designs), # = 5000 + 5000 = 10.000; action de dividende, condition UNC, 26 * 35 cm, exceptionally decorative and a beauty to frame ! Designed by V. de Coen; f 375 = 170 Euro.
Illustrations: in the top: armour, flags and text "travail et progres"; bottom: Mercury helmet and staff and some spears; left: African womancarrying a basket with fruit on her head and a man, squatting with another basket,; right: palm tree; lower half: freight train and steam/sail ship in harbour. See lower part / see top part
The company owned an estate of 1000 hectares in the Ikelemba valley and planted rubber, cocoa and coffee. A collapse in rubber prices in 1908/9 appears to have killed the company. Facsimile signature of the Comte de la Barre d'Erquelinnes (Source: Boone, auction catalogue June 1998).

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