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Female beauty: graceful women, France

(update February 13th 2014)

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Casino de Santa Lucia S.A., à St-Raphaël, Part de Fondateur au porteur, Paris, 1926, # = 7.000, In underprint the casino-poster, showing an elegant lady under tree on rock at the see with the casino, advertising the casino's park, restaurant, attractions and playing-rooms, price 90 Euro.

Toulouse, 5% obligation de 500 Fr, 1901, au porteur; I suppose they were a printing and publishing firm in art; beautiful design by Loir Luici of lady with child, painting, painting and printing equipment, many decorations and beautiful border; a beauty to frame. Not the original, but a faksimile copy produced by WWA Suppes, old stock auctioneer inGermany, see top half of this beautiful piece; price 45 Euro.


Etablissements Verminck
Established in 1899; Action de cent Francs au porteur (bearer share of 100 Francs), Marseille, June 12th 1912; beautiful decorative piece in blue and green, designed by Louis Poyet (see below), printed by Imprimerie et Usine Centrale des Etablissements Moullot Fils Aine, Avenue du Prado, Marseille; depicted are: 1) a ploughing farmer with handplough pulled by 2 horses; 2) bee hive with bees; 3) elegant woman sitting next to a press for Olive oil, decorative border with olive branches and olives; original signature, 5 wet stamps, not affecting the illustrations, coupons attached, unfolded, but minor defects in upper left corner; unfolded, but for the coupon sheet at the back, price 165 Euro.
Louis Poyet (1846-1913) was a engravor and illustrator of - mostly technical - magazines and owner of his own helio gravure firm in Paris (source: Petr Stembera, dept. of graphics, Museum of Decor. Arts, Prague, peronal communication Febr. 13th 2014).

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