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Chicken Club
Incorporated in 1992 in Wyoming, USA;  unissued and cancelled certificate of 1 share with a par value of Lit 1 each; green border and  10 by 7 cm picture of a  young woman strip dancing; (I am not sure if  this is a  real certificate  of an existing company; who can inform me ?), EF-UNC: unfolded, price 25 Euro.

Horizontal Bore and Drilling Company, Inc.
an exclusive membership bordello licensed by the city of Ely, Nevada, 1984
(only a black / red copy !; in the name of R. M. Smythe, but the "original" might as well be a joke as the text reads "certificate of preferred stock representing no share of ownership"), a beautiful vignette of the bordello with a lady sitting in front, price 95 Euro.


'li'l darlin's of the west bordellos, Inc.

Li'l Darlin's of the West Bordellos, Inc.
"Doing Business with Pleasure", certificate no 1011 (blankette); This certifies that the Bearer owns one share of UnCommon Stock of Li'l Darlin's of the West, Bordellos, Inc.;
paper Gold Seal, green border, small black vignette of sitting lady with high heel shoes, condition UNC = printer fresh, price 95 Euro. Order now !
This certificate comes with a 4 page "prospectus" (see cover and inner side) and a 25 x 20 cm (10 x 8 inch) colour photograph of six "pleasure consultants".
As the bearer of this certificate has not been filled in yet, this certificate would make an excellent and original gift at any bachelor's party.

li'l Darlin's of the West Bordellos Inc. crew

Million Dollar Saloon (The)
Incorporated under the laws of the state Nevada, USA, numbered Specimen certificates of X shares with a par value of $ 0.001; 3 colourful vignettes of seductive women: The middle vignette is similar on all certificates, but the left and right ones are different. condition UNC (print fresh), printed by the American Banknote Company; The company owns and operates the Million Dollar Saloon. When the club opened in 1982, it was considered a pioneer in the industry as it was one of the first gentlemen's clubs built in the USA to cater an upscale clientele.

certificate of 1 share; price 50 €.

certificate of 100 shares; price 95€.

my son is a vet
click on photo for a laugh

certificate of 1000 shares; price 95€.

Reeperbahn-Genuss-Schein; Juxta Aktie / fake stock !, price 23 Euro.
Very colourful fake paper in share type format referring to the famous red light district in Hamburg (Germany): Hamburg's "sin-mile". On the paper in the left hand corner is a text: "Der Inhaber dieses Genussschein ist zu einer kostenlosen Stichprobe berechtigt" (Owner of this certificate is entitled to a free sample). This paper was created by Hamburg stock brokers on the occasion of a charity party for children in need. They raised 500.000 DM for this "Aktion Sorgenkind". (Source: Benecke & Rehse). See picture.

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In 2011, during the 23rd Auktion für Historische Wertpapiere by Matthias Schmitt ([email protected]) 100 different stocks with beautiful women were auctioned from the collection of Marc-Edouard Emay, who composed a 45 p. booklet (A4-size format) : "Geil....heit auf Aktien" with enlarged engravings and photo's of women depicted on the stocks. ISBN-10: 3-00-019135-4 or ISBN-13: 978-3-00-019315-6. This booklet costs ca. € 12 and may be ordered through Matthias Schmitt.

Geil....heit auf Aktien