Banque d'Athènes share certificate, engraved by Henri Brauer

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Banque d'Athènes (Trapeza Athenon)

Banque d'Atènes, share certificate, engraved by Henri Brauer

Established in 1893; latest change of statutes: 6-6-1919. Titre d'une action de 100 Drachmes (certificate of one share of 100 Drachmes), brown on light green field on beige; beautifully decorated piece, size 23 by 30 cm, with illustrations of god Hermes (Eng: Mercury) and 3 goddesses. Standing is Athena, the goddess of the city of Athens, dressed in armour and wearing a helmet. At her feet  a woman with on her lap a scale model of the world famous Parthenon, the temple on the Acropolis complex, dedicated to Athena. The Acropolis is also depicted. At the left a semi nude goddess holds a blindfold. In the top border is a small vignette of Athena in armour, holding a spear. Athena's owl, symbol of wisdom, is also depicted. Also depicted is an olive branch, symbol for the olive tree, Athena's gift to the city, that named itself after her in gratitude for that. Design by Henri Brauer; printed at Imprimerie Richard, Paris. A beauty to frame !

----- no. 22,017, condition VF, Greek blue paper tax stamp + red wet stamp over it.; issued in year ?; in right upper corner some figures were noted in red and blue pencil; 2 coupons left attached; price: € 95.

----- no. 132.015, condition VF, black French wet tax stamp from 1930, coupons 67-77 left attached; price € 150.

S.A. de Vins et Alcools "Georges A. Issaias"
Megaris, Athens, Greece, established January 1st 1918,

Cap. Social  8 million Drachmes: 80.000 shares of 100 Dr., Athens, November 8th 1924; similar illustrations as above, see picture, 20 by 25 cms large, blankette, F: 2 large cuts in right lower half, but still nice for framing. Large cancellation signature in pink ink through the middle, price 75 Euro.

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