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Female beauty: scarcely dressed women, USA

(update January 8th 2012)

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AngloCalifornian National Bank of San Francisco
See beautiful vignette (15 by 5,5 cm) of a bank, traffic, a farm and 2  women, breasts uncovered.
---------- 1947, blue, < 100 shares, 45 Euro.
---------- 1947, green, 100 shares, 45 Euro.

Appalachian Electric Power Company
Incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA; 1951, 4,5% cumul. pref. stock, < 100 shares, green border, 10 by 5 cm vignette of semi nude man and woman, seated around an electro motor, several small staple traces, 50 Euro.

Car Lighting and Power Company
State of Maine, USA, 1909
certificate of < 100 shares, no. 01608, orange border, vignette: man and woman (one breast uncovered), holding a lamp and electron ball equipment, flying horizontally together, Capital only 320.000 shares, 250 Euro.

Century Ribbon Mills, Inc
USA, orange border, 8-5-1946, x shares, 34 Euro.
Vignette: Goddess, a Fatal Sister (one breast uncoverd) spinning or unwinding a life thread.

was an innovative French perfume maker.
See text about his career and the world wide extend of his perfume empire.

Aphrodite with Eros on a Coty share certificate

Coty Incorporated
---------- 1930, 100 shares, blue border, unfolded, hole punched characters, price 50 Euro.
---------- 1937, < 100 shares, brown border, hole punched characters and other cancellation holes, price € 50.
---------- 1938, < 100 shares, brown border,  hole punched characters and other cancellation holes, black overprint regarding a change in nominal value, price 50 Euro.
---------- 1949, < 100 shares, purple border, seal indicating Incorporation in Delaware in 1939. I am puzzled why it can be that similar shares (see above) date from before 1939; hole punched characters and several staple holes, price 50 Euro.


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On the first engraving we see Eros reaching out for an arrow. When he hit someone with this, the person would fall in love.


Aphrodite engraving on Coty share certificateCoty Incorporated

Coty International Corporation,
See Beautiful Vignette of semi-nude women sitting in a Turkish bath-garden with flowers, waited upon by a lady with a stone bottle. As there is also a white dove drinking from the water, the bathing women can be considered to be the Greek goddess Aphrodite (L: Venus), goddess of beauty and love, who has 2 white doves as common attribute. She is waited upon by one of the three Graces (NL: Gratiën), her loyal servants, who raised her in Cyprus after she was born from the sea. Print: ABNC
---------- 1940-er / 50-er, brown border, certificates of < 100 shares, hole cancelled, price 34 Euro.
---------- 1950-ies, 100 shares, red border,  company perforations, price 50 Euro.



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Aphrodite bathing on Coty share certificate


Grand Union Company (The)
This food retailing company was established in 1928 under Delaware law. The company went broke early 2001 and was taken over by the Dutch multinational AHOLD. Ahold's daughter Stop & Shop in massachusets took over 36 stores and 8 locations; Ahold daughter Tops Markets in New York State took over 20 stores.
---------- Vignette: goddess Demeter (L.Ceres) of  agriculture, one breast uncovered, holding an olive branch and goddess Athene (L. Minerva) holding a sword and a palm branch, wearing a helmet:
--------------------green border, 1950ies and 1960ies, VF, price 23 Euro
--------------------blue border, 150ies and 1960ies, VF, price 23 Euro

lockheed Aircraft Corp. debenditure with engraving of female Mercury  in the nude  

Lockheed Aircraft Corporation,
4,25% convertible, subordinated debenditure, 1967, due 1992,

Vignette: female goddess Hermes (L: Mercury), in the nude, binding under her shoe with wings;

condition UNC (print fresh, with hole cancellation, SPECIMEN, price; 195 Euro.

Founded in 1926 by Allan Loughead ( later the name was legally changed to Lockheed ) and his brother Malcolm, the company was bought by Detroit Aircraft Corporation in 1929, only to have the parent corporation file for bankruptcy in early 1932. Later that year, on June 21, 1932 a group of investors led by Robert E. Gross purchased the bankrupt Lockheed Aircraft Corporation for $42,000. The advent of World War II began the company's business as a defense contractor by beginning with the P-38 Lightning bomber and still continues as a primary contractor for U.S. defense aircraft as Lockheed Martin Corporation (source:, January 8th 2012).


National Linen Service Corporation
Atlanta, Georgia, Vignette: 2 ladies, each having one leg and one breast uncovered, sitting on each side of a mirror with NLS Corp. logo.
---------- 1946, 100 shares, blue, hole cancelled, price 23 Euro
---------- 1952, <100 shares, orange, hole cancelled, large stamp "name changed", price 23 Euro

Richfield Oil Corp.
blue, 1965, 100 shares, beautiful vignette: drill towers and oiltanks and beach with ship, at the side a bare breasted lady and young man, price 34 Euro.

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