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Kato aromatic, Egypt, 19.., 1000 pounds, perfume company, all written in Egyptian, blankette, a beauty to frame, UNC, 55 Euro.
Beautifukky decorated piece, multicoloured, on thick relief type paper, with men and women depicted as in ancient times, carrying perfume bottles, flowers, and many other items; also a bull and a bird. See picture.

Etablissements Victor Hasslauer SA
Established in 1926; Imprimerie B. Garfunkel, 4 rue de la Bourse, Paris
6 by 6 vignette of a whale, a reindeer and roses, indicating the activities of this company: supplying to the perfume industry musk from reindeer, kidneys from whales and rose oil.
Paris, 1926:
---------- Action de 500 Francs, (capital: 2000 actions de 500 Fr., # = 2000), blue, EF, unfolded, coupon sheet attached, 50 Euro.
---------- Part de fondateur, red, EF, unfolded, coupon sheet attached, 60 Euro.

Société des Plantes à Parfums de Madagascar SA
established in 1927 in Madagascar (Africa), Action de cent Francs au porteur, Madagascar 1927, imprimerie: E. Defasses-Paris; 31 by 20 cm; nice border and texts in red and green, voupons attached, price 50 Euro.

The Netherlands
Benckiser N.V.
Amsterdam, 1997, rare specimen from the printing firm de Bussy Ellerman Harms bv te Amsterdam, measuring. ca. 17 x 19 cm; price € 50 each
---------- Bewijs van 100 gewone aandelen aan toonder (certificate of 100 bearer shares), brown border.
---------- Bewijs van 100.000 gewone aandelen aan toonder (certificate of 100.000 ordinary bearer shares), red border.
Johann A. Benckiser founded a business in Germany in 1823. Its main products were industrial chemicals. Benckiser went public on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange in 1997. But already in 1999 the company merged with Britain's Reckitt & Colman to form Reckitt Benckiser Plc, listed on the London Stock Exchange and one of the FTSE 100 largest companies with ca. 25.000 employees world wide. They carry famous brands in chemistry, household and cleaning products, pharmacy and body care, such as Airwick, Durex condoms, Vanish, Calgon, Dettol, Lysol, Cillit Bang, Air Wick, Strepsils, Clearasil, Glassex.

"Fédora", NV
Maatschappij tot Exploitatie van Kappers- en Parfumeriebedrijf.
Gev. te Groningen, opgericht op 8 juli 1916; Bewijs van Aandeel no 242 groot f 1000, ingeschreven t.n.v. ---(niet ingevuld); Groningen, maart 1920; In juni 1922 teruggebracht tot f 500; getekend door o.a. W.J. Roelsema, pres. comm. en door directeur .....; Aanh. couponblad waarvan 4 geknipt, zwarte sierrand op groen veld, conditie VF-; afm. ca. 23 x 36 cm., niet te koop.

International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.
New York City, USA; Certificaat voor 10 gewone aandelen à 0,125  $ nominaal, Amsterdam, 1974; De aandelen zijn gedeponeerd  en de certificaten worden uitgegeven door Admin. Kantoor opgericht door Heldring & Pierson en Broekman Effectenkantoor; donkerblauwe sierrand; gatenontwaarding; geen coupons; 18,5 bij 28,5 cm; VF-: div. gladgestreken kreukels, 45 Euro.
English translation: Certificate for 10 ordinary shares of 0,125 $,  issued in Amsterdam at the Administration Office established by  Heldring & Pierson en Broekman Brokerage, where the original shares are deposited; dark blue decorative border; hole cancellation, no coupons; 18,5 by 28,5 cm size; VF-: several wrinkles; price 45 Euro.

Lever Brothers & Unilever N.V.
Rotterdam; bewijs van 6% Cumulatief Preferent Aandeel groot f 1000 aan toonder, Rotterdam, juni 1938; druk: Joh. Enschedé en Zonen, Haarlem; grijze sierrand, los couponblad; afm. ca. 22 x 31 cm.; conditie VF, los couponblad;
----- no. 043358, midden onderrand iets bruin verkleurd, prijs €95
----- no 078495, midden boven kleine randbeschadiging, prijs € 50

English translation:
Rotterdam, certificate of 6% Cumulative Preferent bearer Share of 1000 Dutch Guilders, Rotterdam, Juin 1938; print: Joh. Enschedé and Sons, Haarlem, grey decorative border, separate coupon sheet, measures: ca. 22 x31 cm.; condition VF:
----- no. 043358, lower border slightly brownish colouring, price €95
----- no 078495, small damage in upper border on mid fold, price € 50


Coty was an innovative French perfume maker.
See text about his career and the world wide extend of his perfume empire...

Coty Incorporated
---------- 1930, 100 shares, blue border, unfolded, hole punched characters, price 50 Euro.
---------- 1937, < 100 shares, brown border, hole punched characters and other cancellation holes, price € 50.
---------- 1938, < 100 shares, brown border,  hole punched characters and other cancellation holes, black overprint regarding a change in nominal value, price 50 Euro.
---------- 1949, < 100 shares, purple border, seal indicating Incorporation in Delaware in 1939. I am puzzled why it can be that similar shares (see above) date from before 1939; hole punched characters and several staple holes, price 50 Euro.


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On the first engraving we see Eros reaching out for an arrow. When he hit someone with this, the person would fall in love.


Aphrodite engraving on Coty share certificateCoty Incorporated

Coty International Corporation,
See Beautiful Vignette of semi-nude women sitting in a Turkish bath-garden with flowers, waited upon by a lady with a stone bottle. As there is also a white dove drinking from the water, the bathing women can be considered to be the Greek goddess Aphrodite (L: Venus), goddess of beauty and love, who has 2 white doves as common attribute. She is waited upon by one of the three Graces (NL: Gratiën), her loyal servants, who raised her in Cyprus after she was born from the sea. Print: ABNC
---------- 1940-er / 50-er, brown border, certificates of < 100 shares, hole cancelled, price 34 Euro.
---------- 1950-ies, 100 shares, red border,  company perforations, price 50 Euro.



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Aphrodite bathing on Coty share certificate

Fabergé, Inc., 100 shares, 1970, green border, vignette: well known lady, standing in clouds against the stars, holding globe, one leg uncovered, VF-, brown colouring at edges, one vertical fold, f 50 = 23 Euro.Fabergé, Inc., 100 shares, 1970, green border, vignette: well known lady, standing in clouds against the stars, holding globe, one leg uncovered, VF-, brown colouring at edges, one vertical fold, 23 Euro.

Süskind, Patrick (1985), Het Parfum, De geschiedenis van een moordenaar, Amsterdam, 1997: uitg. Ooievaar, ISBN 90 5713 1129
Deze boeiende thriller over beroemde parfumeurs uit het 18e eeuwse Parijs en Grasse en het criminele parfum-genie Grenouille is verfilmd met o.a Dustin Hofman: "Perfume: The story of a murderer".

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