Negris family,
Samos & Athens (Greeece), Port Said (Egypt) and Colombo (Sri Lanka)

The signature right next to the electricity pole on the the stock of the Samos Electric Company is that of mr. Emauel Negris.

Emanuel Negris was the owner and director of the Samos Electric Company. Later his son George took over the business. After that the company was owned by a cousin of the father of the present Mr. Michales Stavrinos, who runs a gold and silver jewelry store in Samos city nowadays and who gave to me the information presented here. Mr. Stavrinos' grandmother was the sister of Emanuel Negris.

The family house on Samos was the most beautiful house (both inside and outside) of Samos, but  - so I was told by another person - also of the entire Aegean Sea ara. The house was built on the site where now the present Hotel Samos. At the inside entrance it still has the beautiful marble staircase of the old house.

The Negris family owned much more than the Samos Electric Company. They were extremely rich and various members of the family lived and worked in Samos & Athens (Greece), Port Said (Egypt) and Colombo (Sri Lanka). In the latter towns they did big business already around 1900, including a newspaper and ship provision companies (cargadoors).
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