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 Italy / Italië
(update December 2nd 2003)

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Ordering information / Bestelinformatie

Pietro Saletti & C.
Produzione di Ferri da taglio, Officina Meccanica, Torino (NL: Turijn), Italy, letter from 1920, 7 by 6 cm picture of god of the trade Mercury (Gr.: Hermes; Latin: Mercurius), waving his staff (Caduceus). He is depicted naked, but his private parts were decently omitted, a practise which was also quite common in ancient Rome. price 50 Euro.

Societa del Linoleum, Milano
Milano, Italy, without indication of year (ca. 1950 ?); company letter, beautiful multi-colour 8 by 6 cm picture of  modern interior with  linoleum floor; condition F: various border tears, brown upper edges, but picture is unaffected, price 95 Euro.

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