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The Arbolivia Project: making money with nature conservation
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For its ArBolivia reforestation and tropical forest conservation project Sicirec seeks private equity investors who are interested in:

- a project that is carried out together with local farmers who will participate and profit both in terms of revenues and their knowledge of
agriculture and forestry management

- livelihood improvement (health and education) of the local farmer families that participate in the project

- a project that is carried out in cooperation with the local authorities.
- long lasting forestry conservation results that are secured by local legislation
- ecologically sustainable project management

- investments > € 5.000 (private investors) and > € 500.000 (institutional investors)
- a high IRR (Internal Rate of return)
- long term investments (up to .. years) with early exit possibilities (from year ... onward) and liquidity provided (from year ... )
- profitable reforestation revenues through financial leverage by the sale of CO2 credits, tree planting certificates and Green loan Facilities

General information about Sicirec:
- Sicirec page on this website
- The Sicirec Formula: making money with nature conservation (see also 5 presentation sheets about Sicirec's goals and methods)
- Sicirec's vision on the conservation of biodiversity: ecological network structures and corridors

Detailed information about Sicirec

- Sicirec website URL

General information about the ArBolivia project:
- presentation of 13 information sheets
- watch here the beautiful video about this project and several other ones

Detailed information about the ArBolivia project:

- 11 pages with detailed project descriptions
- the Arbolivia website URL

Investment possibilities in the ArBolivia project:

- Executive summary of the ArBolivia plantation forestry project: required equity, expected revenues and estimated IRR.
- Private and institutional investors can buy carbon credits in the form of Volontary Emission Reductions - VER's (see below: Plan Vivo certification for Scirec's carbon credits).

For further information about the Arbolivia Project you may contact Sicirec through:

you are here : index of content - Arbolivia
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