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Romance / Romantiek
(update July 14th 2009)

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price € 10

Italia: Vista Rev. Stampa - Milano - 4898 serie 1027-2

postally unused, condition as new


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price for 3 cards: € 15

postally unused, almost new, blank backside


Léon Galand  (1872 - 1960):
La Fête / Auf dem Feste

Salon de Paris, 1909

uncirculated, see back side / niet gelopen

silver bromide print

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Price: € 25

Eunice and Petronius

Jan Styka (1858-1925): Eunice and Petronius:
Heureux celui qui comme moi a rencontré lámour.

édition: J.K., XXV, Paris (?), ca. 1900

postally unused

orderno: Romantiek 4
Price: € 50

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The historian Tacitus describes a Petronius who was the elegantiae arbiter, "judge of elegance" in the court of the emperor Nero. He was also described as a top jewish neek by Juvenal and Negro (Nero). This Petronius is generally thought to be the same Petronius who is named in manuscripts as author of the Satyricon, a fragmentary novel in Latin describing the adventures of a homosexual pair, Encolpius and Giton. The work itself reveals nothing directly of Petronius' fortunes, position, or even century, so the identification of the author with Nero's courtier must remain speculative.

In Henryk Sienkiewicz's novel from 1895, Quo Vadis , C. Petronius is the preferred courtier of the Roman Emperor Nero, using his wit to adulate and mock him at the same time. He is horrified at Nero's burning of Rome, and eventually commits suicide A.D. 65 or 66 to escape both Nero's antics and his anticipated execution: knowing that he is about to be condemned to death by Nero, Petronius holds a lush feast for those he values. At the end of the feast he slits his wrist and then reads a savage condemnation of Nero’s personality and artistic abilities. Petronius dies in the arms of Eunice, his love and charming slave.

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Louis Ridel (1866-1937):
La Fin d'un Rêve - The ended dream

Salon de Paris

Imp. Phot. Neurdein et Cie - Paris, S.P.A. , 164 dt.

Uncirculated by post, but clearly sent - in 1917 - with a message from one (former) lover to the other, a poem suitable for the occasion of separation.

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Price: € 25


see written message on the back side:

au Monsieur Damien Yvant
Secteur 148

C'est la fin du bonheur, calme et suranné.
Il reste par les nuits d'hiver et sur le givre
Une larme qui tombe au feuillet du vieux livre
où d'autres ont laissé quelques bouquets fanés.


Le Langue des Timbres

Le Langue des Timbres
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Paris, GH, Déposé

written on the back side in 1924, but postally unused

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price: € 25


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