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Female beauty: graceful women, Canada

(update June 17th 2007)

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Basic Resources International (Bahamas) Ltd
green left and right border, Canada, 1980ies, x shares, 8 by 5 cm vignette: beautiful lady, running, swaying her arms and hair, with river and woods in the background, price 11 Euro.

Equicorp Industries Ltd.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1974, brown, x (=100) common shares in the name of Blanchard Nederland B.V., price 50 €.

On June 10th 1974 the Limited became an Incorporated as legal form, a statement of which is printed at the bottom of the certificate above.

Equicorp Industries Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Vignette of elegant lady.
---------- brown, x (= 150) common shares, 1976, in the name of Blanchard Nederland B.V, Signed on the back by mr. G. Jacobson, director of Blanchard Nederland, stockbrokers in Rotterdam.price 25 €.
---------- red, x (=200) shares, 1977, in the name of Blanchard Nederland B.V., price 25 €. (12.50 € for a certificate from 1976 with some minor border wrinkles).
---------- Equicorp cover-folder to hold shares, with photo of Toronto skyscrapers, price 50 €..
The folder shows the Toronto city skyline on the front and other real estate and industry projects inside. On the back many graphs of Canada's booming economy.
These shares, together with those of QCI Industries limited and Mircan Industries, were being sold at people's doors in The Netherlands in the 70-ies. It appears that it all became a great scam. Read more about it !

Mircan Industries Ltd.
Ontario, Canada; engraving of graceful woman, similar to Equicorp Industries, share number printed over the engraving.
------ certificate of X Common shares , 1977, blue border, condition UNC: printer fresh, price 50 €.
----- certificate of X Preference shares, 1976, brown border, condition UNC: printer fresh, price 15 €.
These certificates were sold in The Netherlands and Belgium in the 1970's, together with certificates of Equicorp Industries and QCI Industries, at people's doors and through banks and brokers. It ended in a big scam. Read the story on Equicorp Industries !

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