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The Value Line Development Capital Corporation, State of new York, 100 shares, green border, 1968, vignette: graceful lady, one leg uncovered, holding Company Logo in front of sky with Galaxy, print: Security-Columbian Banknote Company., 2 minor staple traces in top of vignette, 34 Euro.

Dewey and Almy Chemical Company
Incorporated under law of Massachusets, USA; certificate of 100 shares, 1954, green border, engraving of 2 momen next to a large globe, price 25 Euro

Eurofund, Inc., Maryland, USA, 1969,
---------- blue border, x shares, vignnette of graceful lady with world map and heaven with stars, punched characters, hole cancelled, unfolded, small pen trace in upper border, 50 Euro.
---------- red border, vignette: lady running and swinging her arms before world map, red overprint "name changed to Eurofund International Inc.", 23 Euro.
---------- same, but without overprint, 23 Euro.
---------- orange border, 1965, vignette: map of Europe, highlighting the original 6 countries of the European Common Market, i.e. Benelux, France, Germany and Italy. An allegorical man and woman sit on each side of the map., print S.C.B. C0., several staple traces, but not in or near vignette, 45 Euro.

(The) International Business Machine Corporation
Incorporated under New York State law; vignette: world map and universe with god Mercury;
---------- < 100 shares, blue border, 1982, EF, unfolded, 35 Euro.
---------- 100 shares, brown border, 1969, EF unfolded, 35 Euro.

Nixdorf Computer,
----------  Inhaber-Optionsschein für 1 aktie, blau, Paderborn, Germany, Januar 1987, see picture below, UNC, price  23 Euro
-----------Inhaber-Optionsschein für 4 aktien, grün, Paderborn, Germany, Januar 1987, see picture, UNC, price  9 Euro.

Pan American World Airways, Inc., 100 shares, red border, USA, 1960-ies, hole cancelled, f 25 = 11 Euro.
Vignette: 2 world globes, flanked by 2 allegorical men, one holding a Mercury staff, and an eagle above with spread wings. See picture.
------- Same, brown border, < 100 shares, 1960-ies  and 1970-ies, f 25 = 11 Euro.
------- Same, blue-green border, x shares, 1970-ies and 1980-ies, f 25 = 11 Euro.

Rederiaktiebolaget Transatlantic, Göteborg, Sweden, 1-9-1917
Share of  500 Kronor, in the name of Jon. Johnson, with coupons, 3 original signatures; brown border, large yellow/blue world map (11 by 22 cm) and 11 by 4 vignette of Harbour with steam ships; 2 smaller vignettes with ships; a beauty to frame; print: Oscar isacsons Lito, Göteborg; unfolded, 2 very minor tears and stains in upper border, 115 Euro.

Wisconsin Investment Corp.,

Wisconsin Investment Co. share certificate

Wisconsin Investment Corp., 1930, 100 shares, orange border, large vignette of Justice Lady between 2 detailed globe-halves.
Left border cut of, leaving less white than normally, hole cancelled through signature, punched character cancellation,

Price 25 Euro.

<----klik on pictures for enlargements --->

wisconsin Investment C0-egraving

Noramco, Inc.
beer producer, Incorporated  under laws of Wisconsin, 1965, 100 shares, blue, vignette: globe, with maps of North and South America; 7 Euro.

The Commercial Cable Company, New York, febr. 8th 1897, Interim bond certificate no 320, for $ 10.000 (amount filled in by pen and by figure punch holes) 4% gold bonds secured by mortgage on all the companies properties, including those of the Postal Telegraph-Cable Co. heretofore acquired. These bonds were issued to stockholders of the aforementioned company in exchange for their stocks.Original signatures of president and of secretary Albert Beetz, price f 1278 = 580 Euro.
This certificate shows a 15 by 5 cm drawing of 3 transatlantic telegraph cables connecting Western Europe and Canada, as well as connections within these continents. These cables were laid in 1983, 1984 and 1994 by the company, using the MacKay-Bennett system, named after the two founders of this company, J.W. Mackay and J. Gordon Bennett. Read more about the company's history.

Chase Manhattan Bank (The), chartered in 1799
1958, 100 share, blue border; vignette: map of the USA and globe, blue seal with Greek god, EF, unfolded, 25 Euro.

County Bank & Trust Co. of Somerset, Incorporated under laws of New Yersey, USA;
1968, x shares, nr. V 2781, brown border and contours of Somerset and 3 drawings: fisherman in mountain river, a farm, and a factory; Some glue remains on left border, unfolded, 45 Euro.

Massachusetts Investors Trust,  incorporated 1924, certificate of beneficial interest, par value 1 $, green border, 1948, 3 stamps, cancelled, unissued, incorp. under Delaware law, vignette: map of Massachusets and Old State House in Boston, "cancelled" stamp,  34 Euro = f 75.

South America

Panama Kanaal Obligation 1888

Compagnie Universelle du Canal Interocéanique de Panama, S.A. au Capital de 300 millions de Francs
Societé Civile d'Amortissement des obligations du Canal de Panama Émission de Mars 1888, avec responsabilité limitée à la mise sociale

(with facsimile signature of Ferdinant de Lesseps, famous builder of the Suez Canal. in Egypt).
---------- Paris, le 14 Mars 1888; Obligation Nouvelle au porteur Remboursable à Mille Francs dans une Emission de 350.000 obligations, authorisée par l'Assemblée Général du 29 Juillet 1985; size 19 by 14 cm., same engraving as above by Stern in Paris, brown, red stamp from the liquidator, red stamp or print indicating that this is a duplicate;, blue stamps "3e série", no coupons, VF: glue remains in left upper corner, some tiny staple holes; very rare !, price 125 Euro.

Design of the shares and bonds (based on the book by Grigore (1997), see below):
The 21 by 40 cm light blue stock certificate was engraved by A. Stern, Paris,and printed by Société Anonyme de Publications Periodique - Imprimerie P. Mouillot, 13 Quai Voltaire, Paris, Their names are centered below the portrait of the certificate. But it is not known who designed the stock certificate. This portrait measures 117 mm x 167 mm from border to border and its thematic vignette reveals the Western Hemisphere in a partial globe of the world; two reclining bare-busted maidens allegorically depicting North and South America, clasping hands across a sea-level Panama Canal, with a ship exiting from the Cut; and a steamship in the lower corners. n the left and right columns is a telegraph pole, partially screened by palm fronds, on which there are affixed three banners listing countries of the world that would benefit from uniting the Atlantic and Pacific Ocenans via the Isthmus of Panama. Clasping the base of the left pole is a white and Asian child, implying the West's trade with the east. Atv the right pole is a white and black child, implying the West's trade with Africa. Telegraph poles support a large, single banner on which is cited the legal authority for the bond's issue, its capitalization, its title, intent, type, and serial number.

History (based on the book by Grigore (1997), see below):
Although the issue of the shares in 1880 was probably all with good and honest intentions, the entire undertaking ended up in the greatest engineering and financial disaster, followed by the worst political scandal, the world had ever known. It was an embarrassment to France. But, at the beginning of this undertaking Ferdinand de Lesseps, builder of the Suez canal (finished in 1869), which halved the journey time from Europe to the Indies, was the world’s most decorated and honored personage. He was compared to Columbus. In 1879 France was a rich nation and hubristic overconfident in what it could achieve, with its colonies, technological developments, science and art, boasting of luminaries such as Victor Hugo, de Lesseps, Pasteur, Eiffel and Sarah Bernhardt. Unfortunately the world’s largest commercial enterprise was fatally destined to become the most disastrous financial failure the world had ever seen.

The issue of the blue shares in 1880 is the only issue of shares in the company actually placed (an 1879 share issue was cancelled). Beyond that many bonds were issued.

The march 1888 bond issue was placed only to the extend of 25,7 %, even worse than the june 1888 bond (40,1%), but not as bad as the july 1889 lottery bond (13,1%), but that was after the company had ceased its operations. Only 89.890 bonds were placed in march 1888, by far the smallest number placed of all bond issues. Much less are available for collectors these days. It are rare pieces, really.

The company ceased operations on December 14th 1888. On february 4th 1889 the companies’ bankruptcy plea was accepted. The canal was less than 40% dug at a cost of an estimated 22.000 deaths and an expenditure of about $ 1,400,000,000 in today’s (1997) currency. It has been repeatedly reported that one third of this vast amount was spent on canal work, one third was wasted and one third was stolen.

It was the worst financial catastrophe ever suffered by the French people. As a consequence, the French Government’s prestige throughout the world was shattered.

In 1904 the United States Government purchaased all the assets and rights necessary for it to complete the Panama Canal, what they finally achieved in 1914.

----- Grigore, Julius Jr. (1997), Stocks and Bonds Issued by the Compagnie Universelle du Canal Interocéanique de Panama, 1880-1889 and Compagnie Nouvelle du Canal de Panama, 1894, ISBN 0-9715805-1-0; W.G. Guy (publ.): Balboa, Panama, email: [email protected], price $70 + shipment., ca. 180 pages, ring bound, with many illusttrations in colour or black & white of stocks issued and a large variety of parafernalia. Warmly recommended !
----- Der Panamakanal wird 100, Technisches Weltwunder: BILDERSERIE:, 2014

On the occasion of the engagement of our crown prince Willem Alexander of Orange with Maxima Zorregieta (from Argentina):
Argentina: etymological history of the name:
Cherpillod writes: Argentina stems from the Latin word argentum, meaning silver. This due to the fact that the Spanish discoverors were impressed by the silver ornaments of the local Indians.
According to Ewoud Sanders (NRC April 5th 2001), there exist other explanations.
Plata is the normal Spanish word for silver. Argento is the more poetic word for it.
The Spaniards called the area around the later Buenos Aires puerto or isla de la plata  (silver harbour or silver island), possibly beacause they had heard of great richness in the inland. The inland was accesible by a large river mouth, which the Spaniards called Río de la Plata (silver river). But the Spaniards found no precious metals. When the population separated themselves from Spain in 1816 the country was named Provincias Unidas del Río de la Plata. In 1852 the congres of Santa Fé announced the republic under the name "la Argentina". The name was taken from a poem from 1602 by Martín del Barco Centenera, called Argentina, y Conquista (conquest) del Río de la Plata.
The poet had taken part in the Spanish conquest of the back lands. The unfinished poem was reissued in Madrid in 1749 and well known to those announcing the new republic. The great Spanish Salvat-encyclopedia calles the poem a clumsy rhime cronicle. So one could say that Argentina is called after a mediocre unfinished poem.

Cherpillod, André, Dictionnaire étymologique des noms géographiques.
(further references unknown to me).

Sanders, Ewoud, NRC April 5th 2001

Socidade Industrial de Chocolates SA
Lisboa (Portugal), 1921; Titulo de cinco Accoes (certificate of 5 shares); size: 25 by 38 cm; blue / yellow; vignette (20 by 14 cm) of a beautiful semi nude woman throwing chocolate bars at a detailed globe with maps of Europe and Africa; see 119 Kb picture; large red stamp "Privilegada"and  some pink stamps, "liquidada" and other ones; design: J. Valeriano Sevla, 1921; AT.ART: Julio Amorim-Lisboa; VF: only 1 (hardly visible) fold, very clean; 1 cm tear in left of Middle fold; a beauty to frame !; 450 Euro.

Handelmaatschappij Europa-Azië (EURAZ), gev. te Amsterdam.
Bewijs van aandeel B (blankette) groot f 1000; brown decorative border on blue field; map (15 by 8 cm) of Europe and Asia; print: Joh. Enschede & Zn-Haarlem; coupons attached; company logo in brown and blue; blankette: EF, 1 light middle fold, 95 Euro.


Western Europe
Euro Disneyland S.C.A., issued in Paris, France, but only for circulation outside France, 
condition: UNC, a beautiful stock to frame and give away or hang on your own wall, despite it's simple design.
After heavy financial losses in its first years of operation, the turnaround seems to have succeeded.
Restructuring led to the reduction of the value of the stock from 10 Francs to 5 francs (and the name seems to have changed to Paris Disneyland). Most pieces offered on the web have an ugly stamp describing this reduction of nominal value, right next to the picture of Mickey Mouse. The piece offered here is the original clean stock !!!!!
---------- certificat representatief de 1 action, Paris 1983,  (certificat of 1 share to bearer of 10 French Francs), titre au porteur, (uncancelled and still traded on the stock exchange; this share goes without dividend coupons, howevere, view small vignette of Mickey Mouse in red pants, pointing at a globe, . price 10 Euro.

The Commercial Cable Company, New York, febr. 8th 1897, Interim bond certificate no 320, for $ 10.000 (amount filled in by pen and by figure punch holes) 4% gold bonds secured by mortgage on all the companies properties, including those of the Postal Telegraph-Cable Co. heretofore acquired. These bonds were issued to stockholders of the aforementioned company in exchange for their stocks.Original signatures of president and of secretary Albert Beetz, price f 1278 = 580 Euro.
This certificate shows a 15 by 5 cm drawing of 3 transatlantic telegraph cables connecting Western Europe and Canada, as well as connections within these continents. These cables were laid in 1983, 1984 and 1994 by the company, using the MacKay-Bennett system, named after the two founders of this company, J.W. Mackay and J. Gordon Bennett. Read more about the company's history.

Omnium de France, action de 100 Fr, Tarbes 1930, beautiful share, black border and 9 large black coats of arms, some with latin texts, in red print a map of France is drawn, with names of all the provinces written in them, a beauty to frame, size ca. 18 * 30 cm, EF, price 95 Euro.

Deutscher Siegelhopfen, Begleiturkunde (= not a stock !!), ausgestellt auf Grund des Gesetzes ueber die Herkunftbezeichnung des Hopfes von 9-12-1929, Jahrgang 195, Land: Bayern, Anbaugebiet Hallertau, Siegelbezirk: Pfeffenhausen, 1940, beautiful piece with hops and a coat of arms with a red robin; depicted on the back is also map of the region, f 50 = Euro 23

Anonymus Maritime Company of  Naxos S.A.
head ofiice: until 31-12-'74 in Athens; afterwards on Naxos (one of the Cyclade Islands);
35 by by 26 cm certificates with complete coupon sheet; EF +, unfolded, except for couponsheet; very decorative border with classic Greek ships and grapes; 20 by 15 cm underprint of large ship and classic ruins; + 2,5 by 2,5 cm map of the Isle of Naxos; 4 by 4 cm wet stamp of the map of the Isle of Naxos;
------ certificate of one share of 1000 Drachme, blue / grey, see 40 Kb picture, 35 Euro.
------ certificate of 5 shares of 1000 Drachme, red/grey, see 70 Kb picture, 35Euro.
------ certificate of  10 shares of 1000 Drachme, green / grey, similar oicture as above, 45 Euro.
------ certificate of 50 shares of 1000 Drachme, purple / grey, similar picture as above, 60 Euro.

Samos Electric Company (The), Athens, Greece,  26-3-1928, COPY (26 by 37 cm) of a certificate of 25 shares to bearer, copied on 200 g paper. The original share was, according to a filled in stamp from 1951, in the name of Mr. Dimitrios, a retired professor; This inscription of the owner was signed by the company director, the very rich mr. Emanuel Negris. Brown border on ocre with black lettering. The map has brown lettering on yellow.  # = < 2000 of this type as the Capital consists of  50.000 shares of 100 Drachmes. The price of this COPY (!) is f 26 = 12 Euro.
The original of this copy is belongs to mr. Michael Stavrinos, collector, of Samos.
It depicts a complete map of the Greek isle of Samos, a few miles off the Turkish coast and the most southern island of the North-East Aegeic Isles. The map has the Greek written names of many towns and villages and depicts rivers and indicates monastries. Also a drawing of an electricity pole with a lamp and several stamps for taxes and other purposes. See 118 kb picture.;
Samos is an Island loved by nature loving tourists and artists, among whom Max Stokvis and was already called "flower island" by the Romans, due to its many flowers and prevailing flower odours.

Tourist Company of Lesbos, seated in Mitilini, Lesbos, Greece
Touristiki Etairi Lesbou, hedra: Mitilini, Lesbos, Hellas
32 by 20 cm certificate + coupon sheet, EF+, only one fold at coupon sheet; beautiful and detailed 9 by 7 cm picture of the map of the Isle of Lesbos + head and tail of a classic coin;
----- certificate of 10 shares, green, 50 Euro
----- certificate of 20 shares, dark green / yellow, 50 Euro.
----- certificate of 50 shares, red / yellow, 50 Euro.

Compagnie d'Entreprises de Conduites d'Eau SA, , constitue par Compagnie Générale des Conduites d'Eau, sous le titre de "Compagnie Napolitaine des Conduites d'Eau", en 1894; Liege, Belgium
Action de 500 Fr. au porteur, Liege 30-6-1913; 3 red and 3 black tax stamps; large decorative piece in brown, large borders with fountains held by 6 mermaids and 4 crowned coats of arms and texts "Acquedotto Piemontese Alta Italia" and "Acquedotto Pei Comuni Vesuviani"; large engraving of very detailed harbour (and boats) and city of Napoli (Napels) with smoking crater of mount Vesuvius; see top part; see lower part; condition F: many repairs of tears, but worth framing if no better piece is available; 75 Euro.

Compagnie d'Entreprises de Conduites d'Eau
Compagnia Imprese Condotte Di Acqua SA, constituee sous le titre de "Compagnie Napolitaine des Conduites d'Eau", 1894, Siege Social: Liege, Belgique
13 by 5 cm vignette of the Bay and City of Napels (Napoli) and the smoking crater of mount Vesuvius
---------- 4% obligation de 500 Fr, Emprunt de Frs. 1.000.000 (blankette !), 1946, orange-red border and sea; EF +, unfolded, with coupons: 45 Euro
---------- Action au porteur de 500 Fr, 1946, blue border and sea; coupon sheet attached, UNC: 45 Euro

Biarritz-St-Sébastien-Tolosa, SA de Tramways Électriques, established 21-3-1910, Brussels, Belgium, Part de Fondateur, print: Typ-Lith.La Cote Libre, Br., In the blue decorative border 5 black coats of arms of Tolosa, St Jean de Luz, Biarritz, Irun and St Sébastien and a 11 by 4,5 cm map of the coast of France and Spain at the Golf de Gascogne, showing many cities between St Sebastien and Bayonne, and rivers; large red stamp + 1 red and 1 blue small tax stamp,
----- EF, unfolded, 75 Euro
----- VF-, some wrinkles and stains, 34 Euro.

Electricidas Reunidas de Zaragoza S.A., Zaragoza 15-10-1966, Accion al portador, 500 pesetas, printed by Lerchundi SA, Bilbao, beautiful stock, see picture, large size, 28 by 38 cm. including coupons and picture under in the stock of a view of Zaragoza, the Rio Ebro and a map of the city with links to other cities. Vignette on the stock of a beautiful palace, 8 by 5 cm, EF, unfolded, 50 Euro.

Eastern Europe:
Charbonnages Reunis de Bender-Eregli
Action de capital de 250 Fr, Bruxelles, 1920, black on brown, 2 small vignettes of mining equipment and helmet + large map of the Black Sea with many coastal cities indicated and ferry lines drawn.
---------- cancellation holes, only one of which is on map of the Black sea, 45 Euro.
---------- without cancellation holes, 90 Euro

Black Sea


Dutch East Indies
De Grote Atlas van Nederlands Oost-Indië, 2e uitgebreide editie, geeft naast het indrukwekkend  aantal van 530 topografische kaarten tevens de namen en korte beschrijvingen van 2400 cultuurondernemingen, met van elk een korte beschrijving. Dit 8 kg. zware boek telt 480 pagina's, meet 33 bij 46 cm. en is 6 cm. dik. ISBN:  90 74861 24 5; prijs 265 € excl. verzend kosten.
Uitgeverij Asia Maior / KNAG, 2004; email: en fax: 0111 417 281.
Warm aanbevolen !! Niet bij mij te koop.

Crediet- en Handelsvereeniging "Banda",
Gevestigd te Amsterdam, opgericht in 1886.
Lees de uitgebreide tekst over het doel en de bezittingen der maatschappij, de details der diverse emissies en wat er van terecht kwam. En (t.z.t.) ook over de historie van dit  vroeger voor de nootmuskaathandel zo belangrijke gebied.De gewone en preferente aandelen zijn fraai geïllustreerd met een 6 bij 8 cm  gravure van het eiland Groot banda en  Neira, gelegen aan het Oost Gat en de Banda Zee.
English: illustration: map of the isle of Banda in the Banda sea, former Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia,
---------- gewoon aandeel van Fl. 1000,- , Amsterdam 1886 (oplage 1000 st., waarvan in 1925 708 stuks zijn ingewisseld tegen preferente aandelen: zie hieronder.); Zwarte sierrand op geel, gravure (zie boven); gedrukt bij De Bussy in Amsterdam., conditie F: geplakte vouw- en andere scheurtjes en veel nietjessporen, prijs 95 Euro.
---------- 7% preferente winstdelende aandelen ("7%" en "preferent" staan niet op het stuk zelf te lezen),  Amsterdam, 1925; gedrukt bij De Bussy in Amsterdam, oplage : totaal 2000 st., waarvan  708 mèt oranje gedrukt belastingzegel en 1292 zonder. Die 708 stuks werden gratis verkregen tegen inwisseling van gewone aandelen. Zwarte sierrand op groen,
------------------------- met bel. zegel, conditie VF+ en VF-: div. gebruikssporen (vraag scan !),  prijs: VF+: 35 Euro; VF-:  25 Euro.
------------------------- zonder bel. zegel, conditie VF+ en VF-: div. gebruikssporen (vraag scan !), prijs: VF+: 35 Euro; VF-:  25 Euro.
------------------------- zonder bel. zegel, conditie VF+ à EF, prijs 95 Euro.
---------- SCRIP van Fl. 120, Amsterdam 1949, druk: De Bussy, A'dam; 21 bij 17 cm, blauwe sierrand en tekst, oranje gedr. bel.zegel; uitgegeven ter compensatie der rentehalvering tussen 1941 en 1946.
-------------------------- EF: prijs 50 Euro.

Fransch Nederlandsche Maatschappij voor Exploitatie en Handel
(Société Franco-Néerlandaise de Culture & de Commerce)
gev. te 's Gravenhage, Nederland, opgericht 5-3-1908, Aandeel aan toonder, reeks B, onderaandeel van 1/25e (Action au porteur, serie B, coupure a un vingt-cinquieme), Frans en Nederlands-talig stuk; bilangual certificate; black rose border, vignette: 8 by 5,5 cm: map of Malacca, Sumatra, Java & Borneo, print: Cambrai-IMP.F.Deligne et cie., condition VF, some tiny pin/staple holes, 2 very small border tears, price 150 Euro.


Belgian Congo

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