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.Kirchner: Enfants de la Mer, picture postcard


Raphael Kirchner (1876-1917): Enfants de la Mer

posted in 1905 in The Netherlands; see back side
gelopen in 1905 met poststempel Klaaswaal, zie achterkant


Raphael Kirchner: Enfants de la Mer, picture postcard

Condition: no plies, a little soiled (iets smoezelig)

orderno.: Kirchner-2

price: € 100,-


Theodore Chasseriau (1819-1856): Le Tépidarium

ND, Phot. 1026, Musée du Louvre - École Francaise, ca. 1900 ?

ongelopen / unused: see back side

orderno.: naakte vrouwen 6

Price: € 50


The tepidarium was the warm (tepidus) bathroom of the Roman baths heated by a hypocaust or underfloor heating system.The specialty of a tepidarium is the pleasant feeling of constant radiant heat which directly affects the human body from the walls and floor.

A hypocaust (Latin hypocaustum) is an ancient Roman system of central heating. The word literally means "heat from below", from the Greek hypo meaning below or underneath, and kaiein, to burn or light a fire. They are traditionally considered to have been invented by Sergius Orata, though this is not fully confirmed.

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Jan Styka (1858-1925):
Psyche bathing Amor / Psyche baignant Amour

printed in Paris, i. Lapina; 1385 Jan Styka

postally unused, but written on the backside.

orderno.: mythologie 7
Price 25 €


Bath of Psyche

The Bath of Psyche
By Lord Leighton, P.R.A.; the Tate Galery

Ed. Gale and Polder Ltd., 2 Amen Corner, London, EC ; printed at Aldershot; The Nelson Series, G & P Ltd.

Uncirculated, early 20th century

See back side

Orderno. Psyche-1

Price: € 15

Bath of Psyche by Lord Leighton

The Bath of Psyche
by Lord Leighton

Ed. Stengel & Co., Dresden, 29281
Aus Sammlung J. Thomas, Sachrang / Obb.

Sent in an envelope in 1915 from Rome

See texts on back side

Orderno. Psyche-2

Price € 25

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